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Work of Asia-Pacific International Yoga Association Headquarters and Branches
(1) Headquarters
The headquarters is composed of large-scale units and groups of yoga fitness.
Its related yoga fitness activities are comprehensive and wider in scope. The main tasks and tasks are to promote yoga culture regionally, train professional yoga talents, and guide many yoga management work (planning, allocation, publicity). At the same time, Yoga Fitness performances and competitions are constantly carried out in the regional scope to answer and answer the consultation and questions from all sides.
(2) Division
The division is composed of smaller units and individuals of yoga fitness. The content of yoga fitness is relatively limited and the scope is relatively small. The main work and task is to cultivate and promote yoga culture in a small scale, cooperate with the yoga fitness activities carried out by headquarters, including yoga performances, Yoga competitions and so on. At the same time, it is also responsible for the specific guidance of the Yoga Fitness staff work, accept and implement the views and decisions of its headquarters.
Headquarters subordinate departments:
Harbin Branch; Xi'an Branch; Zhengzhou Branch; Qingdao Branch; Chengdu Branch; Kunming Branch; Shenzhen Branch; Guiyang Branch; Wuhan Branch; Jinan Branch; Nanling Branch; Xiamen Branch, etc.

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