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Eight yoga postures, practice before bed, detoxify and nouri

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Pre-sleep yoga postures
Cat Extension: Soft and flexible spine, strengthen abdominal blood circulation
It is a four-pillar style with a collapsed waist and raised head when inhaling and a warped buttocks. When exhaling, it bows its back and closes its abdomen to look at its legs.
2 supine bundle angle: nourishing uterus, adjusting irregular menstruation
The feet are opposite, the knees are as close to the ground as possible, the abdomen expands when inhaling, and the abdomen tightens when exhaling.
3 Camel style: improve round shoulder hunchback and neck lines
Can hold the back waist, inhale slowly backward, and finally put your hand on the heel, head naturally droop
4 Down Dog Style: Promote Blood Circulation, Relax Hips and Legs
Arms and feet open shoulder width, shoulders and heels press down, buttocks up, look to the abdomen
5 Bovine Face Style: Relieving Back Shoulder and Neck Pain, Pelvic Reduction
One leg is bent and placed on the other leg. The knees overlap. The hands are clasped on the back to keep abdominal breathing.
Six-and-a-half plough: Increase head blood supply and beautify leg shape
Shoulders do not leave, legs stretched, arms waist up, chin against the chest, after balance, hands backward, you can cross grasp
7 Inverted Arrow: Enhance Core Stability and Promote Blood Circulation
You can lift your legs slowly and hold your hands on your back until your back is upright and your elbows are in place to relieve pressure.
You can also do a simple version on your back.
Baby Style: Relieving Head and Neck Pain, Relieving Body Fatigue and Mental Stress
Kneeling hands grasp toes, knees and shoulders the same width, bent between the legs, buttocks do not leave the heel, pay attention to regulating breathing


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