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Six movements, persist everyday, let oneself have "hour

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How thin waist has always been a question of many ladies and sisters, after all, if thin waist can give people a feeling of unlimited extension of the legs up, so I summarized these six movements this time, hoping that we will all become long-legged ladies and sisters. That is still as usual, nonsense is not much to say, the following is the explanation of the six movements.
This training routine is also intermittent, 45 seconds for each action, and then 10 seconds for rest between the action and the action.
Frequent exercise friends must be very familiar with this action: can effectively stimulate and exercise the gluteus maximus muscle, in fact, waist thinning in addition to the waist down itself, if you can raise the buttocks, exercise plump, will naturally foil the waist of the thin. Everyone has his own waist type. My favorite is the "hourglass" type, which is slender and sexy. This action is very important to pay attention to: the distance between feet, hip and hip, to ensure that the knee is aligned with the tips of the feet, not to buckle or abduct.
Seated Crunch
Hands on the ground, fingertips forward, legs straight, elbow bending. Attention: Do not put the weight and strength on the upper limb. The upper limb only plays an auxiliary role. Use the waist and abdomen to drive the whole body.
Leg Raise/back leg kicks
Bend your knees and form a 90 degree angle between your thighs and calves, which is the starting position of the action. Stretch one leg. The knees and hips should be extended and kicked up. Remember to do both sides.
Straight Leg Circles
The position is the same as above, and then just like the name, use your feet as a brush, circle in the air, circle each leg 45 seconds, 20 seconds clockwise, 25 seconds counterclockwise. Change the other leg
Bicycle Crunch
Lie flat on the floor. Hold your head in both hands, prepare to tread bicycle with both feet, right left foot (left foot and right foot), and touch your elbow to your knee as far as possible. It is important to note that lifting the upper body with the core and never pulling up the body with both hands will easily cause neck injury.
Leg to Side
Lie on the ground, hands up the upper body, left foot (or right foot) off the ground, sweep horizontally to the side, all the way to foot off the ground.


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