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If you refuse to be fat and round, you are only one set of Y

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There is an old saying: "Fair lady, good gentleman. "The so-called fair lady should have a full grasp of Chu waist, a variety of manners, with a pair of Chu Chu pitiful eyes, that is absolutely the beauty loved by everyone.
Are you still laughing at yourself for being so cute? Don't be naive anymore. Don't wait until the day when even you dislike yourself. At that time, your life will be dark. Refuse to be fat and round, start with "mercy under your mouth", start at your feet, start with a set of yoga exercises, spend half an hour every day, make you more and more delicate, more and more tender skin, let your life go on and on, more and more smoothly.
1. Cattle-faced one-legged forward bending
The bull-faced one-legged forward bending style, the practitioners put their hands on the back, the upper body forward bending, and one leg back straight, can stretch the leg ligaments, beautify the leg lines, relax shoulder and neck, eliminate excess fat on the back, exercise arm strength, slender arms, shape the body.
The practitioner stands on the ground with his legs together and stretched out, his head raised and his chest raised, his arms on his side, his elbows bent, his right hand close to his ear and extended backward, his left hand backward, his hands clasped with ten fingers on his back, his abdomen closed, and his upper body flexed to make his upper body parallel to the ground, while his left leg stretched backward, his right leg kept straight and his eyes looked at the ground.
2. Horse-riding stretching
Riding stretch, the practitioner's body squats one leg in a bow-like step, the other leg stretches back to the ground, can exercise leg muscles, flexible joints, lengthen legs, stretch the spine, stretch the abdominal region, promote digestion, shape the body.
Beginning with mountain stand, the practitioner straightens the spine, strides forward with his right leg, bends his right knee, and sinks his hips. His right thigh and calf are arched vertically. His left leg is stretched back and close to the ground. His hands are raised and his palms are close together. He keeps his shoulders open, his abdomen closed, and his trunk pulls his arms back to the limit. When the spine sinks, he should pay attention to the range of his hips, and keep his thoracic spine intact. Ti.
3. Frog Style
In Frog Style, the practitioner lies on the ground with his legs open to both sides and his upper body up. This posture can strengthen the spine, relax muscle stiffness and prevent bad posture. It can also exercise abdominal muscles, eliminate excess fat and shape the body.
Starting from the prone position, the practitioners bend their elbows, keep their hind arms close to the body, palms close to the ground, elbow joints point to the ground, chin touch the ground, bend their knees, legs up, so that the thighs and legs are 90 degrees, legs open to both sides as far as possible, buttocks sink, keep abdomen intact, arms exert force, upper body lifted vertical from the ground, eyes forward, back slightly curved.
This set of yoga movements can quickly shake off body fat, elegant body shape, shape the body, the effect is absolutely good!


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