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Yoga not only shows beauty, but also a spirit

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It is said that in the fast-paced urban life, our spirit can only be in a highly concentrated state at any time and anywhere. In fact, this tension comes from a state of self-distrust in our heart. Therefore, moderate exercise is particularly important at this time. Yoga can let our body enter a natural state of relaxation. Yoga not only shows beauty, but also a spirit.

Wheel tells us that if the pressure of life makes you feel overwhelmed, you must strive to stand on your toes again. Only by improving yourself, can you make yourself relaxed, stand on the ground, with your hands backward, until you make your body become an arc, raise one leg, and enter the one-legged wheeled feel stretched too strongly, you can stand on your toes.

Of course, a lot of times when you change your perspective to look at the problem that bothers you, it will actually give you new ideas, like this handstand, legs simply twisted together, as if those disorderly problems, but hands firmly on the ground, eyes firmly looking forward, all problems will be solved.

Speaking of the cultivation of the spirit of yoga, in fact, many yoga postures of sitting posture are very suitable for doing this thing. This Vajra sitting action is very representative. Let's learn with Xiaomi.
Detailed description of Diamond sitting posture:
1. Put your legs on the ground and your toes on the ground.
2. Cross your hands behind your back, lean back, and stretch them straight on the ground.
3. Raise your head and look at the sky.

Scorpion sounds vicious, naturally many people will try to practice, this action also sounds poisonous, in the process of practice, you may find that you will be "brainwashed" by this action, so that the mind becomes more simple, hands to the ground, and then legs from the back of the body to the air, and to begin to bend the knee, head. The ministry should be raised.

It's also an inverted forearm movement, but the movements of legs are different from the Scorpion's. The effect of inverted legs is different naturally. This action is now recognized as a posture that can delay aging. It also starts with the dog's forearm landing on the ground. The head is pressed down, the buttocks are raised up, and the legs are stretched out into the air, so that the heart of the feet can be restored. Conversely, change belongs to yoga.

In the eyes of yogis, a variety of tools will be seen as the best choice to do things to assist yoga practice, just like this pigeon posture made by the windowsill, with one leg on the windowsill, thighs on the front side of the ground, hands around the top of the head, grasp the toes, chest forward top, head back, feet to straighten

The one-handed snake, which is supported by the arm, can make our heart stronger, so strong that nothing can hit us. Such a person will surely be touched by himself. He sits on the ground in a walking posture, his legs are split, his left hand is between his legs, his right hand is outside his right leg, then his body leans forward, his arms are exerted, his body is straightened up and his back is straightened. Keep your momentum going.

It's also arm support, but because it's easier for both arms to exert force, it's much simpler than the previous one. It also requires both hands to be on the ground first, then both legs to curl up, one leg to the bottom of the hip, and one leg to the side of the body.
Yoga is not only a sport to make your body healthier and slimmer, but also to exercise your spirit. So, yoga is not only a sport of self-cultivation, but also a sport of self-cultivation.


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