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Men practicing yoga can calm down their personality, which i

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It's not difficult for a man to have warm blood, but it's not easy for him to be calm. Many boys can endure the boring running in the gym day and night, but few boys can calm down to practice yoga quietly. The world is so noisy that we can hardly find a place for our soul to settle down for a moment. Practicing yoga can not only regulate my nerve center, but also change our personality. It can not only make us more stable in our work, but also make us more sexy.

Head-and-hand handstand variant
Head-and-hand handstand variant is a type of yoga which requires endurance and physical fitness. It can improve the body's regulating ability and microcirculation by strengthening the strength of arms and legs. Action decomposition: hands on both sides of the body stretch straight, upper body upright, legs separated and shoulder width, and forward extension, knee bending calf tilt backward extension, both toes upward.

Crane Zen variant
The Hezen variant is a relatively high-level yoga pose, which requires us to have strong arms and chest strength to support the weight of the whole body. Action decomposition: hands on both sides of the body elbow slightly bent five fingers to support the ground, head downward upper body backward stretch, legs separated and shoulder width, thighs down knee bending and close to the back of the elbow, leg upward stretch.
One-handed snake variant
Single-handed snakes can exercise our entire upper body muscles, while requiring great strength in the waist and thighs. Action decomposition: hands stretched on both sides of the body, upper body upright, legs together and stretched forward, toes stretched, eyes in front.
Pinnacle variation
Peak variants allow our body's blood to flow into the upper body and head, while squeezing and massaging our internal organs and organs, as well as relieving back and waist pain. Action decomposition: the legs are separated for a long distance, the toes of the feet touch the ground, the legs stand upright and the upper body press down, the hands extend on both sides of the body elbow bend the forearm down, and grasp the toes of the feet, head down.

Toe-tip variant
This posture, if well done, can effectively exercise the meridians of the back thighs, ankles and back strength. Action decomposition: kneeling on the ground with the knees bent on the left leg, stretching the right leg forward, standing upright on the upper body, bending the forearm downward on the left elbow of the body, and holding the right toe straight forward with the right hand. Look ahead.
Lotus peacock variant
This posture is similar to the Hezen posture in that it can increase our sense of body balance, enhance cardiopulmonary function, and is a very good posture to reduce waist and abdomen fat. Action decomposition: Stretch your hands on both sides of your body, stretch your upper body backward and upward, bend your legs apart and close to your upper body, lift your legs back and tips straight, and head down.

Quiet yoga practice, let you slowly quiet in the noisy world. Concentrated men have a different kind of charm and sexuality.


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