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Six effective simple yoga postures, can effectively thin leg

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Six effective simple yoga postures, can effectively thin legs, keep a perfect figure not out of shape!
Most people are food enthusiasts. When they are in a bad mood, they can be cured by food. As long as they can eat the food they like, they will feel that everything is expected. After all, "Only love and food can not be disappointed" is agreed by everyone, but we can be cured by food, but after food into the stomach, there will be a deep sense of guilt, because some high-calorie food although it tastes good, but when calories are not consumed, it will become fat on our legs, waist, arms, can not be maintained. Beautiful slender figure.
But fitness exercise is very tired, after a day's work there is really no enthusiasm and energy to go to the fitness, but at this time fat will grow on our body and never abandon, want to throw away these meat, we must have some action, then today we want to share some of the lean leg movements are very easy and effective, let's learn to do it together!
Infant style
Fold your legs, kneel on the floor, kneel on the mat
The back of the foot is on the ground, the buttocks are on the heel of the back foot.
The trunk moves forward and down, with the abdomen close to the thighs.
The forehead rests on the yoga brick, the hands extend downward, the palms clasp the feet.
Sitting and stretching
Hip landing, knee slightly bent
Crossing your calves under your thighs and straightening your waist and back
Arms extended upward, palms clasped, palms turned upward.
Abdominal tightening, 45 degrees upward
Lower Dog Style
Stand on a cushion, legs straightened
Bend down and put your hands on both sides of your feet.
Open feet, hip width
Push your hands on the floor and sink your shoulders
The tailbone stretches upward and the forehead rests on the yoga brick.
Simple Fish Style
Lie on your back on the mat with your hands under your hips.
Strengthen your elbow and lift your upper back off the cushion
Roll the head until the top of the head is on the cushion and the back is arched.
Legs stretched, instep stretched

Sitting, Standing, Forward Bending and Extension
Hip on the ground, legs straight forward
Tip curl, inhale and extend the spine.
Exhale and slowly move your torso forward and down.
Abdomen near thigh, forehead against Yoga brick
The arm stretches naturally, close to the ankle
Upwards extending leg pose
Lie on the mat with your legs against the wall
Keep your hips as close to the wall as possible. Clamp your knees and keep your legs close.
The arms are naturally placed on both sides of the body.


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