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13 basic knowledge you must know about yoga

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01 it's better to have an empty stomach before practice
(1) Keep an empty stomach for at least 1-2 hours and do not overload the stomach.
(2) Yoga posture is based on the spine of the human body as the center, before and after, left and right stretching, extrusion.
(3) The heavy stomach burden will make the exerciser feel sick, headache, chest tightness and even vomit.
(4) If you are very hungry, you can also eat a banana and a little liquid food, such as a glass of milk, which can supplement your body energy and help yoga practice continue.
02 don't eat a lot of food an hour after practice
(1) After the exercise, our stomach and intestines are in a relaxed state, and self serving diet will cause the stomach and intestines to be overloaded.
(2) In addition, after the exercise, the blood of the body is distributed in the bones and muscles of the body. Eating food immediately will make a lot of blood flow to the stomach quickly, thus greatly reducing the blood flow of the heart and increasing the burden on the heart.
(3) You can drink a little water first, or eat a piece of candy to supplement your physical strength.
03. Yoga is not suitable for 30 minutes after bathing and sauna
(1) Bathing makes the blood circulation faster, yoga practice also makes the blood circulation full, so it is bound to speed up the heart rate and increase the burden on the heart.
(2) Yoga practitioners in India usually take a cold bath before practice. The purpose is to clean the body. If the speed of blood circulation is slow, it will not increase the burden on the heart.
04.Do not bathe for half an hour after practice
(1) Sebum and sweat will form a sebum film, which can play a very good role in nourishing the skin (which is one of the reasons why yoga has the effect of beauty and skin care). Bathing immediately can destroy this beneficial substance. Therefore, it is not recommended to take a bath immediately.
(2) However, for high temperature yoga, strength yoga or body yoga training, the situation is different. These kinds of yoga will make the practitioners sweat a lot. The toxins discharged by sweat need to be washed out, and the sweat all over the body makes people feel uncomfortable.
(3) Even so, keep in mind that you should take a bath after your breathing and heart rate return to normal.

05. Avoid wearing accessories (such as watches, necklaces, earrings, etc.)
(1) These accessories not only affect the movement, but also easily hurt the body in practice.
(2) These foreign things also violate the purpose and goal of yoga practice. At least in the process of practice, we should keep a awe of yoga, keep our body and mind away from the confusion and control of foreign things for a while, and really put them into the arms of yoga.
06 it's better to use professional yoga mat
Or spread a blanket or towel on the floor, kneeling on the knees is not suitable. It's not safe to use the mat in the gym for aerobics to practice yoga. Too thick will lead to some actions in the completion of the support should not play, serious injury to the bone. On the contrary, if the mat is too hard, it will not play its due protection. The light ones will cause inflammation in the stressed parts, and the heavy ones will hurt the normal functions of joints and bones.
07. The movement should be slow in asana practice, and the correct breathing can achieve better results
Breathing is usually done through the nostrils, unless there is a special position. Generally, natural respiration is used for breathing, and abdominal respiration is used for some actions to relieve chest pressure. Most of the primary body position exercises are stretching without holding breath, deep and long, breathing slowly, breath should be carried out in coordination with the exercise, especially when maintaining the action.
08. Asana practice should be based on your own maximum, not blindly comparing, or the same as the teacher
Teachers have practiced for many years, and many asanas can meet the standards. In addition, if you are in the gym or yoga studio, because there are many people in class together, each member has different practice time and level, so you don't need to compare with others, pay attention to self-awareness and breathing, and reach the limit of your body. With the guidance of the teacher, you can do asanas first Version, step by step, slowly correct, progress, to achieve standards.
09. Practice 3-4 times a week, at least 2 times
At the beginning of yoga practice, the frequency should be determined according to the body condition and the guidance of the yoga teacher. You can practice 2-3 times a week, because the body's pressure resistance and muscle endurance are relatively weak. If you practice frequently, it will cause a sense of urgency to the muscles and ligaments, resulting in pain and discomfort. The most important thing is to adhere to it.
10. In case of any discomfort or discomfort during the exercise, stop immediately
Yoga stresses making precepts, but does not force yourself, which is in line with Laozi's "Inaction" thought of Chinese Taoism. Yoga practice is for the harmony of the body and mind. If there is discomfort in the body during the practice, it means that you overstretch and force your body to exceed the endurance limit of the body, which is not beneficial to the body, but a kind of injury to the body, In the long run, the body will lose its balance, and the mind will become "obsessive-compulsive" and "manic". It will go crazy and become extreme.
11. Exercises should be carried out barefoot
(1) When practicing yoga, barefoot is for better contact between the foot and the ground. Massage and squeeze the plantar acupoints, which is conducive to the breath relaxation of the foot skin;
(2) Exposing the nerve endings on the palms and feet can stimulate the nerves better and keep their activity;
(3) It can be used for many body styles to prevent slipping and falling.
12. Defecate and clean the body before practice
The goal of yoga practice is to keep our body in a clean and pure state for the sake of body health, mind liberation, defecation, to make breathing more smooth, to make meditation better into the atmosphere, and to make every pose easier to complete. If the body exercises with waste, it will hinder the progress of body and mind.

13. Do not wear tight clothes during practice
(1) Yoga practice is different from general aerobics and body building. It's best to choose loose, sweat absorbing and air permeable clothes to facilitate physical activity.
(2) Yoga is an exercise to relax our body and mind. Too tight clothes are not conducive to relaxation. The clothes you can choose are made of pure cotton and hemp.
(3) The top can choose the clothes that are close to the body, so as to complete some turning and handstand styles. The lower body is the pants with loose waist tie.


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