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Yoga culture-Yoga is a kind of enjoyment

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Indeed, when I first started practicing yoga, as some stretching, I would feel pain; as some strength poses, I felt the power of the wild. In fact, practicing yoga is a kind of enjoyment, as long as you practice it right.


Yoga practice is a very comfortable process of enjoyment, and it is a very relaxing and enjoyable thing. Yoga practice begins with breathing, not with so-called physical movements. As long as you can breathe, you can practice yoga. Please keep your breath moving with your body in a state of physical and mental stability!

The practice of yoga is not a habitual stretching of the limbs. The practice of yoga lies in feeling and awareness. No matter how long you practice, no matter how you pose, please face it with a zero mindset! Yoga is practiced for oneself, perceiving with heart, dance is for others!

How do you know if you are aware? You need to check your breathing, whether it is even and strong, and whether it is smooth. Then imagine that this breath is the carrier of awareness, bringing breath to every corner of the body, that is, bringing awareness to every corner.

Yoga is not a "competition" in difficult poses. All yoga classics do not have a single posture in place, and chasing comfort is a human instinct, so this kind of pain makes some beginners discouraged, eager to stay away from this pain.

In fact, how to practice yoga is similar to some physiological stages of human beings. When you change your teeth when you are young, you will experience the pain of losing your deciduous teeth; when you are a teenager, you will experience the pain of bone joints;

Yoga emphasizes the placement of overall consciousness: breathing and movement are well coordinated, consciously focused, and stretched to a comfortable position for a while. No matter where you can stretch your body, you get the effect of yoga practice!

Yoga practice should never deliberately force yourself, only require you to practice according to your physical and mental conditions, and listen to the sound of the body to find a suitable practice method for you.

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