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The simpler it is, the more effective it is yoga

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Yoga is a relatively simple exercise, but do n’t underestimate such a simple exercise. From our common sense in life, we can find that the simpler the things, the more knowledge and truth we can learn from it. Let's take a look at what we can learn from these actions!


The monkey Hanuman style, this action requires us to make a horse in the lower body first, so that the muscles of the legs can be stretched. At the same time, the head needs to lean back as much as possible, the chest must be straight forward, and the arms When you reach back, put your hand on the yoga mat, you need to support it with your fingers, and the palm cannot touch the yoga mat. By this time, this action is completed!

In the octave variant, the second action requires us to use two arms as a support to maintain the balance of the body. At the same time, our upper body needs to face the ground, but our upper body must keep a certain distance from the ground and cannot touch the ground. The lower extremity should be a straight horse with an upward direction, and one leg should be placed on the upper part of the arm to keep it stable, thus completing this action.

Backward stretching, when doing the third action, we can use the wall to perform. The first thing we need to do is to lower the waist. At this time, our hands can support the wall to maintain our balance and prevent ourselves from falling. At the same time, the head should face the wall. Doing this action is conducive to the stretching of our abdominal muscles, and it is also very helpful to eliminate the small belly.

In the scorpion style, the fourth action needs to be performed in several steps. Here are some detailed action tips.

1. Our arms need to be laid flat on the yoga mat.

2. You need to use your arms as a support to start the handstand.

3. One of our legs stretches in the direction of the head, and the other leg needs to bend and bend in the direction of the head. At the same time, the feet should stand up and not sag, which will affect the effect.

Before stretching, the first thing we need to do is to lie down on the yoga mat face-up, and then use the arm as a support point to slowly rise until the arm is fully straightened, and we must touch the yoga mat with the palm of our hand, and The finger points in the direction of the foot. At this time, we must pay attention that the feet must touch the yoga mat with their feet and cannot leave. Then this action is completed and the next action must be started.

Dance style, the sixth action needs to be supported by one of our legs. This leg needs to stand, and the other leg should be stretched up as much as possible, so that you can stretch the muscles as much as possible, shape the leg shape, and at the same time, grab with one hand The upper leg of the lower leg, with the other hand extended forward, pay attention to be sure to hold, can not shake left and right, only in this way can achieve our purpose.

Stretching movement of the back of the legs, this movement is very simple. First, we need to sit on the yoga mat, straighten the legs, stand up, the upper body should be straight, the arms need to be placed on the side of the thigh, palms down , Supported by your fingers, with your fingers facing the direction of your legs. At this point, this action is over. This action is very simple to do, but it is very useful and requires us to take it seriously.

In the wheeled variant, our first step is to lie down on the yoga mat first, and then use our arms to slowly move the waist up, but what we need is that we are touching the yoga mat with our palms and pointing our fingers to the lower limbs This movement is beneficial for stretching muscles, but it has certain difficulty, which requires us to take it seriously. Only then can we achieve our purpose!

In the phantom chair-style variant, the last action requires our legs to bend and kneel on the yoga mat, the hips must be stretched backwards, the upper body must be straight, and the head slightly tilted backwards, which is conducive to exercising the cervical spine Put the palms of your hands on top of your face. Although this movement is not difficult, but it is very helpful to shape the body.

So, no matter how simple one thing is, we need to take it seriously, so that we can achieve the desired and desired results 100%, let us all work hard together.


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