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Practice these two yoga exercises quickly

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As long as a person's body is well coordinated, then the proportion of the figure is perfect, but some people's body will have some unavoidable shortcomings, such as thicker legs, a large number of arms worship meat, such a situation, the body is more coordinated and perfect, even clothes are not particularly good-looking.
Today, I have chosen two postures that can help you to lose legs and arms, and help you shape your own body in the process of slowly practicing. Let's have a look.
1. Ship variants
Boat pose, Sanskrit name Navasana, Nava means ship. Use the body back, strengthen the abdominal muscle strength, strengthen the peristalsis of abdominal organs, so as to exercise the core strength. At the same time, the legs need to be stretched, stretched and balanced, so they can also practice concentration and strengthen the strength of the legs. Practice boat style, body core and balance ability, improve concentration, strengthen leg strength can be exercised.
Exercise methods:
A. Straighten your legs, start sitting straight and long, put your hands on both sides of your body, set your hips straight, and extend your spine.
B. Bend your knees, place your feet close to the ground, lean back and do the boat-style elementary posture.
C. Slowly raise your legs and stretch upward. Hold your hands around the soles of your feet. Bend your knees on one leg and stretch your legs straight. Keep the boat variant for 30 seconds. Switch your left and right legs.
D. Keep your back straight, breathe slowly, and don't hold your breath.
2. Scorpion variants
Scorpion is a model scorpion's hunting posture. In order to catch prey, the scorpion arches the spine of its tail to its back, but when approaching the prey, it strikes its tail across its head and forward. In order to catch prey. This pose is like a scorpion attacking its prey, hence its name. Practicing Scorpion Style can make the thoracic cavity fully expand, stretch the abdominal muscles and waist, extend the spine, so that the upper body is strengthened in the exercise process, thus maintaining health.
Exercise methods:
A. Yoga kneeling begins, body forward bending, elbow bending, arm and palm landing, head apex in the middle of the arm, buttocks raised, legs stretched out, do dolphin style;
B. Slowly lift your legs off the ground and do reverse cubitus to maintain balance. Slowly bend your legs forward, extend your waist, bend your spine backwards, and maintain your posture.
C. Place the soles of your feet on the top of your head. Straighten your feet. Lift your left hand up. Place one hand on the ground. Lean your body on the elbow of your big arm for 30 seconds. Switch your left and right hands.
The above two postures are the combination of exercise legs and arms. They can help exercise legs and arms, remove legs'excess fat, worship meat with arms, and shape a slender body. A month's persistence can be effective.


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